Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google Auto-Complete Game

The Google Auto-Complete game is fun to play. The game starts by picking a popular word. I picked Movies and then went down the list of letters in the alphabet. It was very interesting to see what pops up next.

I have heard and seen that people play this game when they are board. But I started to give it some rules so that it was easier to play.

First rule is eliminate locations or actually domain names. So for example for with the letter B, if Boston was first answer then it would be ignored. So the answer for Movies B, would be "Movies based on True Stories".  The second rule is that is ok not to have an answer that is also a correct answer. So if the partner playing the game guesses, "nothing" it would mean that Google suggests 10 locations. The second rule is, compound words are not excepted. There must be a complete second word following. The third rule is, prompt your partner with how many words the expression is. So for example on the letter "A", the question is, "Movies A, three words?". Here is the whole answer list for "Movies".

Movies about drugs
Movies based on true stories.
Movies coming soon.
Movies dvd.
Movies everyone should see.
Movies free online.
Movies google.
Movies h... nothing. (All Locations and no real answers)
Movies in theaters.
Movies just released on dvd.
Movies kristen stewart has been in.
Movies links.
Movies megaupload.
Movies new releases.
Movies online.
Movies quotes.
Movies released in 2009.
Movies showtimes.
Movies times.
Movies unlimited.
Moves v... nothing. (All Locations again)
Movies with a lot of sexuality.
Movies x... (No results at all)
Movies you must see.
Moves zip code.

You may also play the game with two category words at the same time. The partner say two answers and it can apply to both categories. The game gets much each when you do this. Choose things that are similar like "Soccer and Football", or "Build and Construct". Let's play again with the words, "Dog and Cat" at the same time. This will be fun to see the overlap and the differences.

Dog adoption. Cat allergies.
Dog breeds. Cat breeds.
Dog collars. Cat Cora. (first female American Iron Chef)
Dog diarrhea. Cat Deeley. (famous British person)
Dog ear infection. Cat emery board.
Dog food reviews. Cat furniture.
Dog games. Cat genie.
Dog houses. Cat health.
Dog insurance. Cat in the hat.
Dog jackets. Cat jokes.
Dog kennels. Cat kidney failure symptoms.
Dog leashes. Cat litter boxes.
Dog mange. Cat mario.
Dog names. Cat names.
Dog obedience training. Cat on a hot tin roof.
Dog piles. Cat power.
Dog quotes. Cat quotes.
Dog rescue. Cat repellent.
Dog sitter. Cat stevens.
Dog the bounty hunter. Cat toys.
Dog upset stomach. Cat urine odor remover.
Dog vomiting. Cat videos.
Dog walker. Cat worms.
Dog xanax. Cat x ray.
Dog years. Cat years.
Dog zodiac. Cat zodiac.

I hope you enjoy the game. Play with a partner or in a group. If you play often enough you will get the hang of it and it starts getting easier.

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  1. You might want to give a try. Takes care of the dirty work for you.