Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CR-48 is my new Duck Tape

I am testing out the CR-48. It is rather simple. Open it up and I get a web browser (chrome). Close the notebook and the OS turns off. Like I said, simple. The simple part is awesome but it is also frustrating. I find that most everything I do is in a browser now days. So I see the logic behind the OS that is just a web browser.

CR-48 Google Notebook
Practical Uses
After using it for a few days I have a few good uses for it. Laptop for bed, I had used a full powered OS in bed. Then I moved to an Android phone because how easy it was to check 10 email accounts, surf news and play games. I find that the CR-48 computer is perfect for heavier use of the web but not full on office work might be.

The other use is as a dedicate Pandora player. I have set up the CR-48 up as a stand-alone Internet computer that hooks into my sound system. I imagine computers in the future will run Chrome OS and cost under $100. So the CR-48 is becoming like duck-tape for me. If I need a cheap computer to do something, I can grab one and set it up to do a browsing task.

Wish List
So my biggest wish for Chrome is "Live Sharing". I want to control my Chrome-OS from across the room with my other computers. Or it would allow me to surf the same HTML webpage that was downloaded to a remote Chrome. If my mom needs help with something on Amazon.com or someone I know has a tech question I can drop into a tab or window on their Chrome. They don't need to share their whole computer like VNC allows, just their browser. This would allow me to load Pandora on a remote Chrome, I could then skip songs, click on playlists, etc. It would also allow me to adjust setting inside Chrome and install new extensions.

How it would work
As the primary computer user, I allow sharing in the preferences. The user can setup one-time sharing windows and the sharing permissions die when the browser is closed. Or the user can permanently allow admins to see everything they have loaded.

Admin permissions would be great for IT departments, they can help users and also enforce policy compliance.  If a corporation gives out a PC, they can enforce whitelists, blacklists, and anything else they want. With a Chrome-OS it is just a wild west right now. Their is no way to track down a missing CR-48 or see what it has been doing.

Closing Thoughts
Chrome is wicked cool already, now that a dedicate machine is here we can see a future that was not possible before. Remote Control of a Chrome instance is killer and would be instant Internet Duck-Tape.

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