Friday, June 12, 2015

"Outlive Life" is an example of Exact Match working in the TLD

The movie Selfless is coming out on July 10th. They choose the domain (Yes, a rather bad domain). However they also registered the domain Outlive.Life and redirected it to their tumblr account. This is just a redirect but when you search Google for "Outlive.Life" the first result is their Tumblr account with that exact address displayed on the SERP listing.

The most interesting part is when you search without the "dot" in the term, just "Outlive Life" then the address on the SERP listing changes to the Tumblr account AND they score #1 position for the term.

TLDs in subject areas are going to become huge, it is just a matter of time. Google already reads the URL, and as we can see from this example Google also reads the TLD's word. More proof can be seen, by searching for the term "Outlive" by itself, there is no reference on the first page of the Google's SERP.

There are still more testing to be done, but examples of Exact Match terms spanning the DOT are starting to become more common.

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